Don’t worry, we’re obsessed too. Every time we have peonies in the studio, we have a little “YAS QUEEN” moment as we unwrap them from their packaging. They come in so many colors and varieties, and they take any design from pretty to stunning.

There are a few things worth noting about these premium blooms.

They aren’t always in season, and their availability can change from winter season to spring season. Peonies come from different locations all over the world, and different varieties have different seasons. Always check with your florist to understand the availability for your specific color palette. For instance, if you have a blush and white palette, the blush peonies may not be available for your wedding date, but some white varieties may be able to take their place.

Peonies can change color over the course of their time with your florist. When we receive the peonies from our wholesalers, they’re still in “bubble” form, meaning they haven’t begun to open yet. As they sit out in room temperature water over the course of your wedding week, they’ll slowly “pop”, which means they open to that gorgeous fluffy texture you’re probably familiar with. As they open over the course of several days, their color will fade. If you’re familiar with the coral charm, for instance, once they fully open, they’ll begin fading to a soft peachy color. This happens as a result of the peony being cut from its energy source. Peonies use their color to attract pollinators, and when they’re cut, they no longer have access to the soil-aka the source of its food-to keep producing bright pigment. So if you keep your bouquet in some water in the days after your wedding, that’s an interesting process to witness. #SCIENCE

Look through the galleries below to find some peony-drenched inspo for your event.

Peony Gallery | Everyone’s Obsession