I’m so excited to share Jessica and Johnny’s wedding.  All the elements in this wedding made it a fun one.  I first met with Jessica and Johnny over a year before their wedding.  They were so cute and excited about the day!  As the day approached I met with Jessica again and was shocked she hadn’t changed her mind on anything; colors, flowers style..nothing!  I was impressed, a year on Pinterest and most girls have something to change.  Well 2 weeks before the wedding I get a call from Jessica…she wanted to change her colors! ha   We started with all light pinks and white and she wanted to add some yellow and brighter pink to make it more spring like.  I’m so glad she did. After all the stress and hunt for flowers was over it turned out perfect!  Sometimes the hardest part of my job is getting the right flowers in.  Getting peonies for this wedding in late July was a challenge but I didn’t give up and was able to find them!   On top of the beautiful flowers the couple chose Brisco Manor for their wedding. It has to be one of my favorite venues.  It just has that “Texas” feeling and for a girl from Colorado, its a good change of pace.  I really hope to get professional pictures of this wedding soon but for now, my awesome photography skills will have to do. 😉  Enjoy!

Vendor Love:

Venue: Briscoe Manor, Richmond, TX

Flowers: Us of Course

Jessica and Johnny | Briscoe Manor | Richmond, TX